Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Breitling Emergency Watch Review

If you are looking for a great discount Breitling watch, you should look no further than the Breitling Emergency wristwatch. Not only is this watch absolutely beautiful, but it provides a rare functionality. By far, the most unique aspect of this watch is that it contains a micro transmitter that puts out an emergency aircraft frequency. Specifically, the micro transmitter transmits at a 121.5 MHz frequency. If for some reason you needed to be rescued, the rescuers can triangulate your location by picking up and homing in on your frequency. Thanks to the brilliant engineers at the Breitling Watch Company, it is very difficult to unintentionally set the micro transmitter off. In order to activate it, you must remove the protective cap by unscrewing it and then you must pull out the antenna. In order to get the best transmitting range, it is important to fully pull out the antenna. Once this is done, the Breitling Emergency, which was preferably found on discount, will transmit for up to 48 hours. Additionally, this watch can be used at a depth of up to 100 feet. Lastly, for those of you who are curious as to how far the 121.5 MHz frequency will travel, it can be received at distance of up to 100 miles away.

Some people have recently heard about the bulletin put out by the International Satellite System for Search and Rescue that stated they were terminating their 121.5 MHz service in February 2009. This bulletin has led many people to believe that a discounted Breitling Emergency wrist watch will no longer be able to help them in the case of an emergency. However, the fact is that the Breitling Emergency wrist watch can still be used in an emergency situation, because emergency services are still monitoring the 121.5 MHz frequency.

Not only is the Breitling Emergency watch uniquely functional, it is also very aesthetically pleasing. This Breitling watch comes in one of three unique trims (or more simply, cases). The first trim contains a titanium case, with a black dial. Additionally, the Breitling Emergency comes with a titanium, very professional looking titanium bracket as well. If you are looking for a nondescript watch, this is definitely the version you are looking for.

The second trim that is currently available is the Yellow Gold case. The version comes with an 18 karat gold case and a sharp looking black dial. As with the titanium Breitling Emergency version, the professional bracelet uses the same material. Hence, this version also has an 19 karat gold bracelet.
The final trim is the White Gold Case. This version is very similar to the yellow gold version. It features a white gold case with a black dial, as well as a white gold bracelet.

A discounted Breitling Emergency Watch uses Breitling’s 76 Caliber. As for its movement, the watch uses the trademarked Super Quartz thermo compensated quartz electronic, analog, and 12 and 24 hour LCD digital display. Breitling goes further by using a sapphire crystal for the customer to view the time. Of course, in order to meet Breitling’s unparalleled standards, the crystal has been glare proofed on both sides to make it easier to read the chronograph. Another neat little function is that the watch possess a calendar that can be programmed for up to 4 years.

Yet another great aspect of the Breitling Emergency is that it doesn’t weigh very much. At 84.6 grams, it feels very natural when worn on the arm.
When purchased brand new, these watches can cost anywhere from $3000 to over $50,000. As such, most people seek to purchase a discount Breitling Watch versus a brand new one. You may be wondering why there is such a price gap between the low end and the high end of the watch’s cost. It is because there are eleven different styles to choose from.

Just in case some of you are wondering if it is worth it to buy this watch, it is important to note that the Breitling Emergency has already saved lives. According to new reports, a pair of English pilots who crashed their helicopter in Antarctica in 2003, used their Breitling Emergency Watch to call for help and were later rescued as a result.

If Steve Fosset had been wearing a Breitling Emergency Watch, whether discounted or not, and he was conscious, he definitely could have used this watch to help rescue himself.

Before one decides to use the micro transmitter function (assuming you are not in an airplane accident), there are three things you need to consider. If you do activate the transmitter, you must deliver it back to the Breitling factory so the transmitter can be re-armed. Additionally, if the watch is inadvertently activated, the Federal Aviation Administration will fine you $100,000. While this is extremely expensive (and will quickly teach you a valuable (specifically $100,000 worth of value) lesson, there is also the third thing to consider. In addition to the cost of re-arming the transmitter and paying the Federal Aviation Administration’s fees, you will also be on the hook for the search and rescue fees. As you can imagine, setting off the micro transmitter can make the Breitling Emergency wrist watch look like a discount, at any price. So as a final reminder, please do not activate the micro transmitter unless you are in a true aircraft emergency (such as a crash).

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Thursday, May 21, 2009

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